Before I decide to purchase help?


Before I decide to purchase I had a few questions (this is so far the best site I’ve seen).

Q1. For the “crazy domain insane” level 1 plan if you wanted the 1 year plan how much would it come out to be to pay it all in one day?

Q2. If you purchase the two year plan say you end up having your domain for one year, will you still have to keep the plan?

Q3. For the free domain you get with the package can it be a .net . org or .com? or does it just have to be a .com

Q4. I’ll still be searching this forum to see what everyone else says but do you guys personally like the service? So far I read alot of yes. Just making sure.

Thanks, this is so far looking like a great company. So I hope my questions can be answered easily.


If you used a promo code that was 97 off it would be $22.40 for the whole year. If you don’t use a promo code it will be 119.40 in one day.

If you decide to terminate after one year, the domain will be charged $9.95 the rest of the money would be credited towards the account.

.com, .net, .org, and I think .info (not sure about .info though).

I’ve been with DreamHost since March 2000 and I <3 them. I have had some issues in the past like the power outage, apache b0rked config, jabber issues but tech support has been really speedy and knowledgeable.
Promo Code: WJD97 - $97.00 off any new DreamHost plan (except month-month payments).


I was wondering why is there no technical support via the phones.