Bbclone counter stopped working

BBclone no longer works in Dreamhost. It says it cannot lock files. Any ideas or suggestions for a similar counter?

I am not at all familiar with BBclone, so I have no idea what is “similar”, but Dreamhost offers its own counter at

You might see if that will meet your needs. :wink:

Just curious … did BBclone work on Dreamhost in the past, and if so, what error messages are you getting or how is it "no longer’ working?


Yes Bbclone was working ok until today. It now says:

BBClone isn’t able to lock files for writing with its current setting. You may use $BBC_USE_LOCK = “flk”; however. If that’s your very setting already, it means that you cannot use BBClone with your current server settings

It uses a flock() function in PHP and it seems like Dreamhost is having problems supporting that very basic function. I hope it’s a temporary problem because it’s usually those free hosting accounts that disable these things in PHP.

If it worked before, and suddenly stopped working, I suggest generating a support ticket with the information you just provided here.

While DH support does not provide support for 3rd-party scripts, they may be able to tell you what might have changed to cause a previously working program to stop working.


I tested it with a simple script and locking files in PHP no longer works.

$fp = fopen("/path/lock.txt", “w+”);

if (flock($fp, LOCK_EX)) { // do an exclusive lock
fwrite($fp, “Write something here\n”);
flock($fp, LOCK_UN); // release the lock
} else {
echo “Couldn’t lock the file !”;



Actually, with only your first line modified for an accurate “path” to the file, you code works fine for me.

You can see it working in two versions: shows your test code working with line 2 as:

$fp = fopen(“lock.txt”, “w+”); shows your test code working with line 2 as:

$fp = fopen(“path/lock.txt”, “w+”);

This makes me think that the problem is not with PHP, or probably even with the code, but likely a permissions, or an .htaccess issue.

Have you checked to make sure there have been no changes in your system in those areas. (like an .htaccess file added/modified, or permission reset/changed on any of the involved files/directories)?


Maybe it’s a server issue, my sites are located on another server (brisk?). When I run the script it’s very slow and then ends up failing.

That is always possible. Did you ever submit a support ticket?

If you are sure your script is correct, and it worked before, and you can’t even run that test script successfully, you should probably submit a support request so that DreamHost can look into what might be going on with your server.