Batman Server/Towelie MySQL Server


Hi, I registered with dreamhost last night but I’ve been having some problems with the MySQL server. I’ve submitted a support ticket and tried to be patient (only submitted 10 hours ago before going to bed lol) but I figured I’d see if anyone else has had these problems / managed to fix it themselves if at all possible.

Basically my site is built around Joomla, and I can’t even begin to set it up until the database works - so you see where I am with this. I get to the MySQL page in the Joomla setup - enter the hostname, db name, username and password (triple checked all these lots of times) - hit enter… and I suspect it times out? well I get a 500 internal server error… and it takes minutes to load the phpmyadmin page…

Is it to do with my MySQL server? is it new / experiencing problems? I see nothing in the status pages or anything.

Thanks lots

**Edit: I also tried the php code suggested in a topic below to check the php - loads in seconds.

<?php echo phpinfo(); echo "\n"; ?>


That would indded indicate SQL problems. You’ll need to wait for Support to get on it.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost


me to have a this problem. my site is built wordpress. And this day didnt open. i’m sending messega support team but didnt help me. I dont like dreamhost support team. They aren’t working beautifull


Turn on WP-Cache (or WP Super Cache) in your Plugins and Settings section of the wp-admin page. That will significantly speed up your site.



My problem has nothing to do with wordpress sorry, what do you recommend I do? thanks for the reply though!



Thanks for help. But i didnt open wordpress pages. is didnt open.


DreamHost Notification Team Message!!!
I laughed very much

There has been an update on the service interruption
you have asked to be notified about:

Outage resolved: No server-wide problem was found.
(2009-01-18 09:35:06 PDT, 0 secs ago)
Outage first reported.
(2009-01-18 09:15:05 PDT, 20 mins 1 sec ago)

You reported that this downtime was affecting:

web service for,,

We were unable to verify any server-wide problem related to
the outage you’re experiencing. If you submitted a support
ticket, we will be with you soon to help resolve this issue.

We’re very sorry for any inconveniences,
The UnHappy DreamHost Notification Team


My website, located at, takes FOREVER to load. It is running the same scripts as

It is a simple clan management script that connects to a MySQL database.

It seems that the database itself it taking forever to be connected to. I understand that there can be some lag, however, I have installed these scripts on several different webservers, and it usually takes 0.3 seconds to load a page.

It is currently taking anywhere between a minute to 5 to load one page. Sometimes it even times out. Can someone help me fix this?


and P.S

Yes, It is on “Batman//Towelie”.


Seems theres a few of us! have you got any tickets open on the subject? I wouldnt mind so much if it was just a small part of my site… but ive had a full free day I was planning on working on this - and its been squandered because of this problem as I havent been able to make a start at all. Just hope its up and running soon, not a very good start to a new dreamhost customer. Specially with a 19 hour ticket unreplied too.


(Jan 17th, 2009 - 12:37:05 / #2891604)

still unreplied to… I am wondering what the process is for getting my money back. This is kind of ridiculous. I need this working ASAP so I can get all of my members registered, before they all disappear on me. I hope the answer comes soon!


Problem fixed, thanks admin!


Spoke too soon… ah well lasted an hour lol. Getting 503 errors and the occasional 505’s.


Yeah, it worked for about 30 mins, and then crashed even worse… I want my money back, this is insane.


Inform Support of your intentions and they’ll refund your money.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost