Batch operations on domains

Seriously guys you have the MOST ridiculous system ever when it comes to domains operation.

I manage 100+ domains.

Most of them are redirections

what I need and i guess I’m not alone there is a way to filter domains my name, select all in one shot and perform the same operation on all selected.

As it is, at the moment I moved 143 domains redirections to another registrar,
and I’m forced to suppress them on DH ONE by ONE from DH panel. With the legendary speed of the panel, it takes about one to two minutes per domain to do this. more than 4 hours to delete all I need, whereas i could do that in 3 maybe 4 clicks if the options where there.

I understand there might be safety concerns involved in batch domain operations, but still the panel is good for managing 10 domains at best not hundreds

Having seen other threads concerning mutiple operations at once, i’m guessing this is not a priority of yours, but still this would improve greatly user experience (actually it’s one of the reason I’m now moving domain management to another registrar, yours is too inconvenient)