Batch Mail - Internal Sever Error

I created a simple batch email newsletter app. I’m using swift mailer for the actually sending of the message.

I tried a first mass test to about 500 recipients. I got an this error “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/sitename/admin/newsletter_app/swift/lib/classes/Swift/Encoder/QpEncoder.php on line 187”

I know this is something with the php.ini file. So I made a custom php.ini from the instructions on DH’s wiki. I upped the execution time to 3 mins.

After that… i tried to run it again and now I’m getting 500 Internal Server Error. Did I do something that might be crashing it?

I tried a smaller batch of 100 and it works fine. So am I just trying too many recipients? Any suggestions how I might get around this?

The 500 errors were probably coincidental between tests. You’ll run into problems with email limits if you try sending more than a couple hundred emails out per hour via a 3rd party script.

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