I am considering moving 3 of my domains over to dreamhost. I run anyboard forum sripts on two of the sites. I was wondering how easy or hard it will be to transfer them and get them up and running smoothly.


If I were looking for a host right now I would not even consider Dreamhost. They have had many well documented problems.

Oh, and if you do sign up with DH, don’t pay for the entire year, because they don’t give refunds after 30 days, which means you are held hostage for the term of the payment, no matter HOW bad the servers and support gets.

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I think I’ve made a mistake in signing up for plan. I can’t get anyone to answer emails and it seems like the support tickets take an incredibly long time to make their way through the waiting line. ie: there are currently 119 support tickets yet to be answered.

Hopefully you didn’t pay for a year in advance like I did.
If you are month to month, then you can bail out anytime.

. . .Someone should be following this post any minute with the usual “it’s working fine now, sorry for the inconvenience”.

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I did the monthly option. There are now 127 open support tickets. Is anyone working today?

Your best bet is to just post the problem in the forums.
You have a better chance of getting an answer.
Otherwise, you could wait days.

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No doubt dreamhost is going through some growing pains. However, I’ve been here since feb 2001 and probably had over 100 support request.

Only once did it take over 24 hours, which is the time limit they advertise when you sign up.

The problem is, we are all paying good money for this service.
The problems we are experiencing are due to more than just growing pains. I have had support never reply at all.

I’m glad you are happy with their service. I am not.

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I’ve been using Dreamhost for two years now and haven’t had any major problems. Judging from these message boards, they seem to be having a lot of trouble lately, much more than they did in the past, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted me.

– Dan

Webov, I wasn’t insinuating that you havn’t had trouble. You wrote down your experience. I gave another side, which does not invalidate yours (and yours does not mine).

I would think someone curious about dreamhost would want all sides, not just the negative.

In MY experience, dreamhost has faltered lately. However, it has been nothing like the hellish experiences I’ve had with other hosting companies. Not to mention ‘support boards’ that would never let comments such as your exist, true or not.

First of all, the original question: Although I’ve never used Anyboard myself, it looks like it is a Perl script with local database files. It doesn’t look like there will be any issues with installing it on Dreamhost, although I’ll mention one possible caveat: YaBB is another similar piece of bulletin board software; it is written in Perl and uses a flat-file database on the webserver. Apparently, this database and/or the way it uses it is very inefficent, causing the software to bog down the server it is installed on. Unless you’ve got your own server, this is bad for everybody else on your shared server, so Dreamhost effectively outlawed YaBB to protect other people on the server. (I happened to be one of those people, and I don’t have a problem with this–I upgraded to a much more efficient PHP/MySQL version of YaBB and haven’t looked back.)

Whether Anyboard is more efficiently written than YaBB or not, I can’t say (though my guess would be yes). If it isn’t well written, however, and your forums see a lot of traffic, there might be an issue with the script. On the other hand, if it turns out there is, there are many good MySQL database-based forum solutions in existance, such as this one (PHPBB… I think?), and regardless of what Anyboard’s marketing-speak says, those tend to be much faster than flat-file forums.

Now off topic, with everybody else: I’ve been with Dreamhost for 4 years, and I’m a happy customer. It’s obvious that many people (or at least many that post here) have been having some significant issues lately, probably related to growing pains at Dreamhost. Hopefully this will be a temporary blip, but I don’t know.

As for my personal experience, I remember a period about 3 years ago where Dreamhost went through a rough patch (also due to growing pains) with an unusual amount of outages. It got much, much better after that. I personally have only once been affected by any of the issues of late (the SQL servers going down for a few hours in the middle of the night during a datacenter move).

I’m not saying that there aren’t problems, and I hate to see other customers having obviously serious issues with their hosting accounts, but I haven’t seen them personally, so it’s not universal. In fact, I believe that things are better than they were when I signed up, and I picked Dreamhost due to their high quality at that time.

I may be proven wrong in the future, but I have some faith in Dreamhost getting things smoothed out. The issue isn’t one-sided, so you should draw your own conclusions.

Hi webov -

[quote]I have had support never reply at all.


If this ever happens in the future, don’t hesitate to contact me directly and let me know (

The way our support system is structured, support inquiries should never be ‘lost’ in the system. They are either answered or specifically removed (and it’s not like email - the ball shouldn’t be ‘dropped’ due to large numbers of messages).

In any case, you should have received some sort of response. If not, it was almost certainly due to human error on our part.

On an unrelated note, we definitely recommend avoiding forum software (or any software, for that matter) that heavily relies on flat files for data storage. They will certainly work for very small sites, but it often takes very little to bring such software to its knees. These sorts of web applications work best when coupled with a database system of some kind.

Many forums are written to work with MySQL these days, and we provide MySQL support with all of our hosting plans.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

I’m pretty much with you on this – things have been bad lately, and I have to admit to being worried about that, but I’ve seen much, much worse elsewhere. And considering that for most of the four and a half years I’ve been here, Dreamhost have consistently outperformed any other host I’ve ever dealt with, in terms of features, stability and support, I’m not ready to give up yet.

No, the last six months have not been good, and that’s been really frustrating. Don’t know if that’s growing pains, the data centre move, just sheer bad luck or what. But I’m not yet willing to discount four good years for six bad months. I’m worried, yes, but I’m not ready to abandon ship yet.

And on the support front – I don’t know how many hundreds of support tickets I’ve had in over the years, many for things that no other host I’ve ever dealt with even gives support for, like user-installed CGI scripts, but I do know I can count the number of times that I didn’t get a reply within a reasonably length of time on one hand. Even now.

I don’t know what the source of the recent problems is. I wish I did. But for now I’m just sticking it out, and hoping things will be restored to their former glory sooner or later. Preferably sooner.



I’ve only been with Dreamhost for 11 months, my first experience with webhosting, and I’ve been very pleased. After emailing back and forth a few times about transferring a domain, someone actually called me! I was really surprised, but really impressed, and the problem was sorted out. Lately, yes, we’ve received many notices about downtime, email probs, etc., but honestly I haven’t even been affected by it. Maybe because I don’t use Anyway, I would definitely recommend Dreamhost!!!

I agree. I’ve been hosting with DH since 2000 without a single problem. Ever expanding technology AND personality…we’ve got it good.

The grass is always greener, right? Not in this case. The grass is greenest here.