Basics of ecommerce question



I have an existing site I designed a few years ago to show off some items I make. I’d like to add a shopping cart to this site but must admit not really sure where to start.

Also since I’m the only family member that moderately knows computers the family has asked me to build an ecommerce site for them, again building a site I’ve no problem with but just not sure about the ecart options etc… to use.

Anyone have any information they can point me to?


There are many different ways to setup an ecart? First you should ask yourself how do you want the payments/sales to go? Just with Paypal, very common and easy to setup. If you do not have Paypal yet take a look at

To put it simple PP will provide you with html codes which you paste into your website, job done.
Or have a look at Dreamhost partner CafeCommerce (link in the panel ECommerce).

After you are more detailed on what you need/want, we can be more clear here.


From my professional life not affiliated with my volunteer life that brings me here… I enjoy solutions provided by amazon that can:

Give you a store & Site at one time: Amazon Webstore


a check out option for your existing site: Checkout by Amazon

Hope these help. Good luck with your business.


Hello there,

There are CMS available that you can make use of. CMS like Magento and Opencart provides good plugins for payment processing.

I have tried this. You can try.

Good luck!


Depending on the type of existing site you have you could also look into

It’s a simple solution, handles all the tuff stuff for you and for a site with less than 100 items/products it’s free.

Copy and paste the code into the page you want to display the shop in and it does the rest.