Basic uploading

I uploaded my website to the directory including my index.html but when I try to see it, it says the url can’t be found and that there’s a 404 error. I’ve been trying different things for the past week but nothing works and now I’m pretty lost.

Within your home directory you will find several subdirectories including one named - that is where your index.html and other files/directories should be loaded


A 404 indicates that something’s missing. What’s the URL you’re using?


Hi, all. I’m installing elgg. I get this error message Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class IOException in /home/nissa/ on line 22

I once ran my domain under “nissa” but haven’t in almost a week. Now my name is admincw and when i went to reinstall elgg I deleted the elgg folder and the data folder and reuploaded and installed all over again and this is the message I get.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this. I am definately a beginner. It has been installed once but I wanted to change my page title and couldn’t find any help on how to.