Basic SSH issue (newby)


Today is the 1st time I try to connect using SSh instead of regular FTP

Im able to enter (I think), but I dont recognize the folders I see.

There are folders like:bin, boot,cdrom,dev,etc…

I opened them all but I dont find the regular folders I see when I enter through FTP, I mean, the folders with the domain names where the whole sites are located.

Im using WS FTP PRO
I hit "ssh"
It ask me for password and I enter without any problems.

Where do I find these folders?


The path you want is “/home/username”

Or perhaps it will have their mount point too, something like “/home/.something/username”.

Your FTP client should have a setting for “initial remote directory” where if you put that there, it will automatically change to that directory when you login. Uh, you don’t already happen to have a “/” there do you? With my client, CuteFTP Pro, my default current working directory is my home directory.,

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