Basic Question to get Started

Hey - I’m new to Wordpress/Dreamhost and I have a quick and remedial question…

I did the 1 click install and I’m waiting for confirmation on that – it looks like there is a Dreamhost issue right now if I’m not mistaken.
But once all is completed – do I also need to get an account @ Wordpress – or is it all taken care of thru the 1 click install?

Also, is there a web interface at Dreamhost to update a Wordpress blog – or again, would that tie to having a Wordpress account?

If I do need a Wordpress acct - how do I associate that with Dreamhost?

Thanks for your help.

Once it is installed, you’ll get an email on how to log into your new WordPress site at your domain. The first thing it’ll tell you is to create an admin user, and it will give you the link for that.

All access to your WordPress site is through your own domain. This is how you change options, and post to your blog.

When a new version of WordPress comes out, you’ll be able to upgrade it through the DreamHost control panel, but you have to check the Goodies -> 1-Click Installs periodically to see if an update is available.


You actually don’t need to worry whatsoever about a account, as you’re installing your own copy of wordpress to do with as you please. What will happen is, when you get the email from DH letting you know it’s been installed, it will include instructions for what next to do. This will include the creation of an admin account, which you’ll use to do anything from writing posts to configuring your blog’s finer details. This has nothing to do with, which while it does run wordpress, doesn’t let you do many of the things you can do with your own, installed version. For further clarification, see: vs.

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Thanks for both of your help on this.
So - is there a web based interface in DreamHost to modify my blog once it is installed?


Absolutely! Wordpress, once installed on your site, has an administrative back end with all the fucntionality you need to update/manage your blog. You will like it :slight_smile:


Is the reason I’m still not seeing the Wordpress functionality because of issues it appears Dreamhost is having as per the Status page?


Depending on when you did the “one-click” Wordpress install, it is possible that the problem discussed on the panel could have something to do with it. If the “one-click” install did not properly complete, your WordPress installation may be “broken”.

Are you able to see wordpress at all when you navigate in a browser to the directory into which you had it installed?

If not, it could be an indicator that there was a problem with the installation. If you can see the WordPress page, what happens if you click the “Login” link in the menu?

I’d be happy to take a look for you, if you share (or post in a PM) the url for your WordPress installation.