Basic Q: Multiple domains, one account

I just started using DreamHost last week, and am trying to get my head around the tools, terminology, and how the Web Panel works. Bear with me…

I have a bunch of domain names registered and managed elsewhere. I am using DreamHost to host the sites themselves.

The first site is up and running under my initial DreamHost account. All good there!

I am now working on the second site (different domain name), and adding it to my DreamHost account.

I went to the Manage Domains section, chose to add a Fully Hosted site, filled in all the info, but when I look down the page to choose what type of hosting (Parked, Redirect, Mirrored, etc) I do not see the option I think I need. It seems to me I want the opposite of the “DNS Only” hosting… but I don’t see that option…

What am I doing wrong, or what am I not understanding…?

Thanks for the help!

You’re in the right place. Fully Hosted is its own section. At the bottom of the Fully Hosted box is the blue Fully Host This domain button. It’s right after the big Gmail & Google Apps logos.

See? I knew what I was looking for, I knew where to find it… but all those big shiny Googley buttons distracted me.

Oooh! Shiny!


Thanks for putting me on track.

For what it’s worth, I’m tossing around the idea of redesigning the Edit Domain page using a set of tabs at the top to avoid this sort of confusion. What would you think of a layout like this? (Click for the full-size sketch.)


Andrew, how will that work for Editing an existing domain? The mockup you show would need some bright flashing light on the Currently Active Service tab.

I have a sneaking suspicion that having them all on the same screen is necessary some underlying reason. Maybe having tabs more like a floating menubar (or anchored to the top) that will jump to the relevant place on the page, and make the sections more well-defined with boundaries (flashing neon?).

That’s an excellent point. We’d probably mark the currently active type with some sort of indicator (different colored text, perhaps).

The implementation I’ve got in mind would be swapping the tabs around using JavaScript, not loading a new page for each one. Don’t worry about technical issues - I’ve got them in hand. :slight_smile:

I think having the options all on the same page is important. It helps weigh the differences, and avoids the ambiguity of “Will my changes above be saved if I switch to another tab?”.

All I needed to read that screen more clearly was better delineation between the options. A light-colored horizontal line worked fine for the options further down the page, but I missed the button I was supposed to click because it was overwhelmed by the shiny Google buttons.

To go all Web 2.0 on your ass, I’d suggest a nice colored-background-with-rounded-edge box that each option sits inside of. Each box has the title of the option (“Redirect” or “Mirroring”, etc), a “?” for more info about this option, the necessary fields to fill out, and a button for activating this option.

Sure, the page gets 25% longer with all the box edges, etc, but each option is clearly delimited, and all the pertinent details for each option are clearly packaged within the box. The utility is increased, even though the page is longer.

(And honestly, people access this screen, what, maybe 10 times during the entire lifetime of their DreamHost account?)

My $0.02…

Losing the HUMONGOUS Google images would be enough, but that new design looks tight!

+1 for TAB’d interface.