Basic Interaction Design Issues

On the Manage Domains page, or really any of the control panel pages, I count at least ten different visual styles for links. Orange links, blue links, grey links, black links, four different styles of button links. This makes it extremely difficult to navigate a page.

There is also fairly poor information hierarchy. Take the manage account page… unclear colorization of fonts, unclear indentation, unclear use of font sizes (and at least six different font sizes).

As for registration transfer… I just wasted two weeks waiting for a transfer to go through that I never approved because I didn’t realize I needed to, because the approval link is at the bottom of an unformatted text email that looks like a no-action required confirmation email and the Transfer Initiated page visually indicates (it is green, has a big check mark, and uses exclamation marks) that I have done what I need to do to make the transfer. I checked the pending registration transfer page probably a half dozen times over this period, but there was no indication the process was waiting for approval from me, the domain owner. At the top it says “Transfers usually take about 7-10 days after approval.” So I waited patiently on something that is actually kind of urgent, and held up a bunch of other things on my to do list.

In case you’re about to argue that the information was there, I just didn’t interpret it correctly: This issue was entirely caused by confusing or non-existent information design. Like most people, I’m super busy, and I rely on things like information hierarchy to help me navigate complicated interactive experiences, not just on your website but on the hundreds of other spaces in which I am a user day to day. This is the basic premise of user experience design.

I get that you’re dealing with a very complicated control panel with about a zillion different options, and probably a bureaucracy and recalcitrant engineers, and that this stuff isn’t easy, so please don’t take my criticism personally. I am also a designer so I genuinely appreciate some of the difficulties that you probably face implementing design strategy.

I haven’t given this a close reading. I hope I get the time to / wish I had the time to.

So, in short: Yaaa, me too.

p.s. WordPress “Admin” page is the product of approximately a bazillion man/woman hours. It’s hard to make things easy.