Basic info. on getting set-up

I have just purchased level one for two years. I would consider myself a novice at setting-up web sites although I have worked with Photoshop for twelve years and have taught digi photo for the past six.
Is there any where on the web panel that I can find a step-by-step
explanation of how to set-up the web site. I previously had a site at mac. Can I FTP those files to your web server. I am on a Mac. I hope this is not problem(I should have asked this question before I purchased for two years.). What is this I see now about needing VNP(Seems like a hidden charge to me.)? Do I need this just to set-up a basic web site? I tried to figure out how much it would be to add it on and now it sounds like I need to upgrade to a new level.

Matt Wilson

Hi Matt,

I am a long time Mac user too. I have been using Fetch to FTP files – the “mirror folder” command under the Remote menu is very convenient for synchronizing a local copy with your site. BBEdit allows you to save files directly to the server.

Before you upload though, be sure to use the Dreamhost Control Panel to set up your domain.

perl_lady on Yahoo

yes you can just set up your fetch to the dreamhost servers like you were going to ftp your other files and if you have to get the info go to the knowlagebase then you upload them to the server then you will go on the windows and download them with an ftp if that is what your asking if you need a program for that then use this