Basic file upload question

Hi I have a new Dreamhost account, which so far I’ve used only as a hosting service for my Wordpress blog, which I’ve installed here and is operating fine. My question is regarding the uploading of files not related to my Wordpress blog. I have a friend who needs to get me about 10GB of files from my old computer quickly (he’s in the US and I’m in Japan). I feel certain I can have him FTP those files to my Dreamhost server, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out where he’s supposed to put them.

At present there are only three folders at my FTP address: “logs,” “maildir,” and my wordpress blog domain directory. Do I need to create a new folder/directory for non-Wordpress files? If so, how?

Many thanks.

What program are you using as an FTP client? If you’re using a regular command line client, “mkdir” will create a directory.

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It is good to ask your friend to upload the files to a new folder which is total separated from your wordpress blog domain directory.

I’m not sure which FTP client you are using. It should be quite easy to create a new folder with most of them. If you are not using any, you can create a folder via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> FTP. After you log into your domain, simply right click and select new folder.

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You could just create a completely separate FTP Account.

Go to: Panel -> Users -> Manage Users -> Click on “Add a new user”

Complete the form and then you’ll have a second FTP User. Then let your friend connect to the new ftp account, using you domain but the new username and password. When you’ve done that and your has uploaded all the files you can connect to that FTP account from you computer and just download the files.


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Is there a way to set privileges for this user. For example, can I make it such that a user can download but not upload or delete files on the server?

Scott Martin

Not with the setup of users and permissions we have here at DreamHost.

If you want that fine grained level of control, I suggest looking at some http based solutions. I’m sure someone around here has some great ideas for pre-baked solutions!

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I’m using Filezilla as an FTP client.
So it sounds like I’m hearing I can create a new directory using either Filezilla or from with Dreamhost itself?

I am new to this FTP as well and just wish to ‘piggyback’ on your question. When i click on domain>manage domains>fpt a login screen comes up.

Not sure what the username/ password is. But the question is whether FTP is an extra service that we need to pay for?

The username/password is the one for your FTP user (if you only have one user set up, that is the one!).

And no, FTP access is part of your basic plan, and requires no additional payment. You can use that Control Panel link, or a standalone FTP client program if you wish - it is all included.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

Bear with me…now I am in the control panel. And it says I can add a new user. If I add a new user here, would this be the username? If so, where is the password part?

FTP user / CGI-runs-as user nuiphaovica_admin (on drpepper) Create a new user below

New username: