Basic favicon trouble

Is it possible that a recently and apparently successfully uploaded favicon can appear on someone’s website (hosted by DreamHost; using a theme template, et al) while they are logged in, then logged out, and then the computer is restarted and logged in again - BUT NOT appear in one’s basic (Safari or Internet Explorer) browser’s menu?

Is there a lag time involved? Might I NOT have uploaded it everywhere I should have? Did I forget to click, submit, something?!

Some browsers can be really weird about holding on to favicons they’ve already downloaded. As long as the icon is showing up in some places, I wouldn’t worry too much — it’ll probably work fine for new visitors.

I appreciate the reply, Mr Monkey (LOL). Thing is, it still only shows, after 24 hours, when I am logged in to the site from Not even when I am administering to same from DreamHost. And Ive had a few people check from third party locations. Nada.

Mind you, this is a very rudimentary site that I am using as a testing ground for bigger things to come. So Im not expecting a lot. But to get hung-up so quickly out of the gate!

So how long should I wait before trying to figure out if Ive done something stoopid?!

Sometimes it’s in the wrong format and just won’t show. In Safari, you can check by going to:
And it should show up in your browser window as an image. If not, then something’s wrong with the file. Either you really didn’t replace the default blank one that DreamHost put there, or your .ico file is corrupted.

Well, Scott…I’m not even able to check via that link. Clicked on it and this appeared: “The requested URL /favicon.ico was not found on this server.” Then typed it in by hand (in Safari); still the same negative reply.

I guess I can/should go back and upload a newly generated favicon, and try this all again?

You need to change “” to whatever your real domain is.