Basic Caching My Script Content (Non-CloudFlare)

Yes, I’m aware of CloudFlare though I don’t dare enable it on this domain name [] that has two different scripts installed on it.

  1. [Revive AdServer] First is a crucial (to me) private facing script (Revive AdServer) that serves ALL my global (for all of my 30 or so domains) banner rotators. I love this setup because I have a single (ONE) app control panel that controls all of my banner advertising on ALL my sites. []

Know that the script is very location intensive as it needs to know exactly each location each of my site visits are coming from (via various means) I’ve researched this extensively and everything tells me not to dare to try running it through CloudFlare (because CloudFlare isn’t able to approximate the GEO IP data as good as real-time serving)

  1. [VisioList Top Site List Script] Second, I have a public facing Top Site List running under VisioList (a newer rendition of the ancient Aardvark Top Site List script) which I’m just using as a top site list (but it could use some type of caching help) [] (I’m still building this site)

I know that in former hosting accounts of the ‘CPanel’ variety I know I had a very basic caching option which cached certain types of files.

My question here is:

[color=#000064]Are there other caching options that I have for my DreamHost hosting other than CloudFlare that I may not be aware of ?
(which I can’t use on this domain - I’ve even researched whether or not I can use a CNAME setup with CloudFlare to only cache certain areas of the domain but that’s an option that only comes with a paid upgrade with CloudFlare)[/color]

[OR] [color=#000064]Absent that, is there such thing as a non-wordpress and non-cloudflare related caching option that will help me cache output from other types of scripts?[/color]

My goal concerning this domain?

[color=#483D8B]…to have the both scripts (Revive AdServer & VisioList Top Site List Script] I have set up on the domain to perform faster and be more efficient.

…or put in other words, to have both scripts perform the best they are capable of without spending additional money (which I don’t have)

Any help or suggestions are appreciated - Thanks!

Oh, and last thing - I’m idea rich but cash poor (lol) so I’m speaking FREE options here - Thanks!