Bash script help

Hi guys, i’m having a problem with a bash script to run on a crontab:

i can get the script to login on a ftp and download all the stuff i need to backup and publish it on my website but i can’t get the script to connect and delete the stuff that has been backed up. To explain what i was trying to do here is the lines i added:

suffix=$(date +%y%m%d)
mkdir /home/user/$suffix
cd /home/user/$suffix
wget -nc ftp://user:pass@domain/folder/.

so until now it works fine: i run the script and all the files are backed up but i need to remove them from the souce so i added:

open domain
cd /folder/
delete .

but the error is that when i execute the bash script i can see the shell at ftp: with no further action.

Also is it possible to add a line to automaticcaly create the .htaccess file in the folder that would just containt the line “DirectoryIndex some.htm” ?

Anyone can help?