Barker is useless (rant will likely be deleted)

My WordPress sites are hosted on Barker, and both are unavailable due to the system load during the drive restore. The system message is reporting that “As soon as your users are restored, you’re switched to the local drive, and will no longer be affected by the slowness of the connection to the backup server.”

This is incorrect. The system load on Barker causes timeouts and prevents WordPress from completely loading the PHP scripts, and so both my sites have been almost completely unavailable, even though all of my files are now back in my home directory. On the few times when system load drops to normal, my sites load correctly, but for the past weeks it has been worse than useless. I can not understand how a restore can take this much system load, and if it does, why it’s being done on a live machine.

At the rate the /home partition is filling, it looks like it may be months before Barker is back, and all I’m getting is platitudes from Dreamhost. “We’re working on it” is not acceptable, when I’m not getting the service that I paid for. I’ve been a patient, tolerant customer since '08, but my patience is reaching its limit.

I have just a few problems with the WordPress or Moodle portions of my web site on Barker. My problem is that I can’t do anything with the major portion of it which is MediaWiki. Argh on my end too.