Banning a particularly pesky user from my website

Strangely enough, the quality of my website has attracted an admirer. This admirer, for some reason, prefers to show his affection for me by sending messages through the contact form about ways I should kill myself, estimates of the value of my IQ score, guesses about my sexual orientation, and “poems” consisting of vulgar words describing female anatomy repeated over and over for several pages.

I am not very fond of this affection, so I attempted to ban this user. He came back with a similiar IP address. I banned the range. He came back with a proxy.

Does anyone have any more suggestions? I tried an .htaccess proxy-blocking thing I found but it didn’t seem to work. I hate to leave him heartbroken, but I am getting annoyed.

My approach when fighting a troll like that is to be passive in my methods. Block him and he will want to figure how to get around the block just to try and prove he’s more powerful. Your better option is to be passive… For example: if your contact form generates email, filter the emails at the mailbox level, deleting his so that you will never see them. Or if the form does something else, take another counter measure so that you won’t see his stuff. If you block him so that he knows it then it’s “game on” as far as he’s concerned. If he can’t get you to do anything else back then, eventually he gets bored and goes away.

Unfortunately the answer is different and more complicated if your dealing with public contents such as blog comments or forum posts. “Contact form” seems like it would be private tho…