Banneed from my own website

I own some websites on a shared hosting here on dreamhost. However for the past couple of weeks I can’t access them from my IP but I can access them fine from any other location.

When I try and get on my websites, they all time out with the error code “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED”. But only from my IP. If my phone is on the wifi, the websites fail the same way. But the sites are accessible from any device in any other location. So I’ve got an open ticket with DH support to try and fix this but thought it would be worth seeing if anyone else had feedback?!

PING and FTP both time out / fail. TRACERT from my location works literally right up to the very last step, and then fails - I’ve compared to a successful TRACERT from another location. It only times out on the very last step. My IT support has looked into it and run some tests and they have said that it’s definitely not ISP issue, they’ve run some tests on the same ISP in another location and it’s fine.

So is Dreamhost firewall blocking my IP? Or is there anything else it could be?
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