Banned user using Google Translate as proxy


a while ago I banned a user from my site by denying their IP address in an .htaccess file. It worked for a while, but that person is now accessing my site again by using Google Translate as a proxy. How can I block her ?

Thanks for any help.

You could ban access via google translate but this would possibly prevent people using it legitimately from accessing your site.

Using google translate as a proxy is probably against the terms and conditions, I don’t know if it would be worth reporting them to google directly see if they would do anything. Maybe explain to them that you may need to block access through it completely if it continues.

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Aren’t proxies grand!?

You can allow access only for approved accounts, and not approve one for her.
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They’ll just find another way to access your site. I’d suggest either tightening the user permissions, as suggested, or find a good way to block spam (assuming this is a spammer, not just some person posting negative comments).

carl# rm -rf /etc