Banned ip

hi, i was trying out domain parking and changed my nameservers several times to see if it would be better to have on my own or park it. and quite frankly i did change the name servers back and forth maybe 4 times…but i didn’t think it mattered that i was a scatter brain about it… well the last time i changed the servers back to dh, i kept hitting refresh to see if the servers were back to dh…well, i expected to see the dh site any second and suddenly i see ip banned !! and all the other sites i had parked with them say the same thing…it’s not like i clicked on any links…i don’t understand, can anyone fill me it ? thanks.


I think you confused DNS and some old records may be cached.

You may want to contact DH support for help. It “should” be solved by flushing DNS records.

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