Bandwith speeds

I’m trying to work out what the max speeds i should be able to get sending to your servers. Atm Im getting under 10mbps to izzie, dmesg shows its on a 100mbps card and presumbably a 100mbps link.

I’m sending from my other dedicated 100mbit box which i can get 10MB/sec to and from with ease.

Im just wondering if there is a bandwidth cap per user? and if not, is this the fastest I can expect from dreamhost?


I think the bandwidth may vary in different time and region in shared server.

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Well ive just done a traceroute and my dedicated server is also on level3 however, the hop from st louis to la is quite congested :confused:

3 ( 0.512 ms 0.466 ms 0.427 ms
4 ( 64.501 ms ( 63.947 ms ( 63.933 ms
5 ( 63.761 ms ( 64.672 ms ( 64.022 ms

Is that level 3 being broken?

Am i going to get a reply from technical support?

This is primarily a customer to customer forum, some DreamHost folks do post in here on occasions, but it is not the best place for queries if you want an official response.

If you really want a response from DreamHost support, I suggest you lodge a support request via the panel.


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do you contact support?

ok then, if this is customer to customer. anyone else on izze getting slow speeds? I can’t seem to break 10mbit in transfer speeds. I can’t find any information about if there is speed quota’s on this service. I don’t think i should have to send in a support ticket to ask about that, it should be published.

You want better than 10mbit/sec transfers on a shared server? I would have thought this throughput was rather good for a server that is potentially serving several hundred websites through a 100mbit link.

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Considering my pipe is 8 mbit I couldn’t keep up with you anyway.


I’ve got an advertised 15MB / 2MB service at home (VA)…That being said.

I’ve seen a max of 18MB while FTPing down my site, but that took an FTP program running multiple (15 ) downloads simultaneously. A single download will tap out at about around 1MB…