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Is there a script I can use that will display my current bandwidth usage in a page?

I mirror some media files and I want to know if I can include a little “Current Bandwidth Used” page on the mirror.



If you’re looking for a small snipplet that you can just plop in, I’d have to tell you that there’s no script that’d do this for DH right off the bat. In fact, I don’t think there’s even such script for cpanel hosting / direct admin hosting / plesk hosting unless the webmaster does some fancy php work which logs in to their panel via the server when the page is requested and retrieves the info…

I am, however, currently slowly working on a script for my file downloading site to track and estimate how much bandwidth used as well as offer display of estimated how fast each current transfers are, how long remain until complete, how much percentage are done, etc. though. I’ll release that script later this year when I have more time to complete it as a full commercial script :slight_smile:

Andy Huang
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