Bandwidth vs Processing RAM

Hi - can someone explain the difference (if there is one) between bandwidth and processing RAM? Yesterday DH throttled my site and crashed it saying that it thought a process was using too much power, yet I have very little traffic to the site and the total bandwidth usage was only about 16MB. A comment on a different thread says you only get throttled if you use above 90MB processing, so why am I being hit when I am way below that figure for the whole day?

If anyone can explain in very simple terms I’d be very grateful - thanks :slight_smile:

A very simple explanation:

Bandwidth has to do with how much data you’re using.
RAM is how much memory it takes up to process the data.

So if you have a very large image, that would take a lot of bandwidth every time people view the page, but very little memory, since it’s just showing a picture. On the other hand, if you have a complicated program that has to run processes every time you access a page (like WordPress), that would use more RAM, but probably not as much bandwidth.

(Watch out for when your bandwidth is sky high AND your RAM is… a crash is about to happen.)

there is also cpu time. processing (number of computing operations) is not the same as ram (amount of stuff stored in working memory). and not the same as disk (permanent storage). if they said ‘power’ they probably meant cpu. ergo, your site has to calculate many things before serving a page OR some process is built wrong and cranking out excessive junkfor the cpu to no purpose.

And none of that measures traffic! :smiley: (Actually this one was about how much memory was in use, not CPU, go figure)

Isn’t it fun learning new things?