Bandwidth usage


my bandwidth usage has not updated for 3 days already. however i am sure it’s over 200gb already.

is it ok with everyone else?


Hope this comes across the right away, don’t mean any offense. You do realize that there are two significant measures that apply to hosting here, right?

The 200GB value associated with crazy-domain-insane is strictly for disk storage. You’re allowed 2000GB of transfer monthly with that plan. Next, I apologize for taking such a contrarian position, but your estimates simply must be erroring on the optimistic side. 200GB of transfer in 3 days breaks down like this:

66.7gb/day >> 2.78gb/hour >> 46mb/min >> 0.77mb/sec

Most every client here is consuming less than 10% of their available bandwidth, a vast majority use far less than that. Don’t worry about bandwidth for the time being. If the very improbable occurs, and you use more than 2TB a month (66.7gb x 30days), you can double it by moving to the Code Monster plan with 4TB/transfer for $20/month.

I realize I am probably on the low BW consumption side, but I have several domains with video and audio galleries for artists. My sites consume less than half of 1% of the available bandwidth.