Bandwidth usage tracking issue

This is a virtual repeat of an issue I experienced back in January/February 2006

Has anyone noticed any change in the behavior of Analog since 7/11?

Up until July 11th, the stats program has always left a log of the distilled daily traffic details in the /logs/[]/http/hits directory. The files were named bandwidth.YYYYMMDD. Now it no longer seems to.

I have a cheap little script go in and parse the files for my monthly and billing-cycle traffic detail (which I then graph out as a PNG file on a daily plot).

Now, since there aren’t any new files there, my script has nothing to work with.

I’m not interested in the standard Analog viewing page. For this application, I want to refer to the raw data upon which the Analog pages are based.

Any thoughts?

Last year, when this happened, they stopped being filed on January 10th and restarted without notice on February 17th.