Bandwidth Usage Reports

According to this article, you will be billing download bandwidth usage in the future.

Where can we find our Bandwidth Usage reports so that we can easily calculate how much are we going to pay monthly once you started billing us? I can’t find it on the Dashboard.

Hi @marhgil, you don’t see a bandwidth usage report because we don’t charge for bandwidth yet. The current plan is to bundle a generous amount of bandwidth in the current prices, based on average and reasonable usage from customers. Bandwidth will be charged much like we charge for extra block storage space: every account gets 100GB of disk quota included in the regular prices, and extra is available to buy. Similarly there will be plenty of bandwidth included in the regular prices and more available.

In order to measure your current usage, you may want to install a monitoring system. There are many to choose from, check this summary blog post to get some ideas:

DreamHost, I have this advice for you before you make your plans to charge for bandwidth.

You charge $6 for an instance of 1 GB, while all of your competitors charge $5.

You offer this:
1 GB
100 GB block
80 GB storage
1 unique IP address

In comparison to your competitors, you beat the competition.

Your competitors charge anywhere between 2 cents and 10 cents for every additional GB overage there is once you surpass their bandwidth caps. I highly doubt that anyone on these plans usually goes over $1 overage.

Now consider this:

  • I am a loyal DreamHost customer
  • In that extra $1 pricing, you have already charged me for my bandwidth
  • I am happily paying you the extra $1 BECAUSE you offer all of the above that I’ve listed
  • You let me spin up instances before even paying you on a pay-as-you-go system with a cap that won’t go beyond a certain amount

All this is wonderful and keeps me (and others) enjoying DreamCompute services.

So I’m just making my case… please don’t charge for additional bandwidth.

It’d be like charging me for bandwidth and then charging me again.

Be fair with me and I will be fair with you.