Bandwidth usage chart

I always use the same domain name for FTP. It shows zero bandwidth usage on the web control panel.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find the usage reported under the wrong domain - after all, it all maps to the same IP and port number. However, I’m seeing FTP bandwidth usage on two domains.

Should I suspect someone else is FTPing to/from my account? It doesn’t look like a change in account configuration, with bandwidth before one date charged to one account, bandwidth after being charged to another.

Or is there another explanation?

While we’re talking about transfer, when we get a 10K mail that is forwarded to another server and goes into a local POP3 box, do we get charged with 10K of incoming transfer, 20K of outgoing transfer (10K forwarding and 10K downloading) or 30K total transfer? Or is mail transfer even metered? (Mostly curiosity. I’ve got ample transfer to spare.)

Actually that “ftp” usage on the panel isn’t your ftping of stuff up and down to your account, but rather anonymous ftp downloads at that domain you have anonymous ftp set up at. We don’t count ftp or mail towards your bandwidth total, just web and anonymous ftp downloads by site visitors!