Bandwidth Throttling question

I created a new subdomain for my site yesterday. The subdomain is live and I uploaded content to it. It will serve solely as a vault for video and sound, so I need to make sure bandwidth throttling is in place.

The domain, however, is not listed in the Bandwidth tab of the control panel, so I can’t throttle it. I’m guessing there is some sort of a delay before it shows up on the bandwidth tab? Does anyone know how long it takes?


If it is only updated once a day does that make bandwidth throttling instant or does it have to wait a day for the script to view the logs?

I guess it makes sense that it is updated daily.

I created the domain on Saturday, 6/5 and asked this question on Sunday 6/6, 1 day later.

It is now Monday, 6/7, and I still don’t see the new domain on the bandwidth screen to throttle it.

I’m hosting a 200 meg video in a password protected directory and am eager to throttle it.


Throttling is via the Panel…

If you subdomain does not show up then most likely either DH has not updated the BW statistics or you have yet to utilise the bandwidth on that domain… I would suggest putting in a support ticket on this…