Bandwidth Theft

I am just a newbie to website work, but i am TGP advertising using Dreamhost. There is no protection for HOTLINKING can anyone give me the code to prevent hotlinking my domain name is and all the galleries and html are in subfolders. I have put in tickets to Dreamhost but they seem reluctant to help me with the code and just exactly where to place the .htaccess file.



Please see this article about how to prevent hotlinking. It’s a revised version of the earlier article I wrote for the DreamHost wiki.

Simon Jessey
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You can do it from the Web panel
Goodies -> Htaccess/WebDAV.
Select the domain you want to protect
Bottom half of screen tick the box for “Forbid linking to files in this dir”, configure the extensions, and any other domains that you want to allowl to link.

Hope this helps