Bandwidth/Space increases

I notice that DH gives you more bandwidth and disk space every week as you continue to be their customer. I know also that they occasionally drastically up the available space and bandwidth usage to stay competitive. If a customer stays with DH for a while and has earned a decent amount of higher bandwidth and disk space and DH suddenly ups that plan and doubles everyone’s allotment, would the ‘bonus’ bandwidth and disk space still be applied or would it be “overwritten” so to speak and put everyone back on even ground for a while?

I can’t imagine your limits would go down so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I imagine that the accrued bandwidth/disk space would just be added to the new offerings, but I’ve only had my DH account for a couple of days, so obviously I don’t know for sure.

Is there a cap on this bonus bandwidth/disk space? or does it just keep accruing for the life of the account?


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