Bandwidth question

In my bandwidth usage report I want to know if Im reading this correctly?

3978 GB ($0.5/GB over)
Total Used So Far: 1.610 GB
Estimated Average Usage: 2.627 GB (at end of billing period)
Estimated Overage Charges: $0.00

Is dreamhost offering me three thousand, nine hundred and seventy eight GB?

And that so far this period I’ve only used one thousand six hundred and ten GB?

I really got into a panic when I saw the 2.627 but I didn’t see the period in there and thought that I was using two thousand six hundred and twenty seven GB estimate by the end of the period, and I only put up a couple sites in the last week or two.

The stats for one of my main sties says:
WebMB 1014.22MB
MB/DAY: 53.380MB

So I assume I’ve got a long way to go before I hit the threshold of the 3978GB?

First of all, let me reassure you. You have nothing to worry about! (99.999% probability or more)

You’ve used 1.6 GB of your 3,978.0 GB allotment. You have 3,976.4 GB leftover.

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