Bandwidth over two accounts?

Previously the bandwidth quotas were listed on a ‘per account’ basis, so you could see how close each account was to breaking the bandwidth limit.

I haven’t checked the bandwidth levels for quite some time, but now it seems to be unified over my two accounts:

Provided: 495 GB ($0.5/GB over)
Used: 353.744 GB
Cycle Estimate: 438.643 GB
Estimated Charges: $0.00

Now, does this mean i don’t have to worry about one account going over it’s bandwidth limit, just both together? because there doesn’t seem to be a way to check the individual bandwidth quotas anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
(the ‘increase BW per month’ thing is really great, but confuses me trying to add things up here ^^)

You don’t have to worry. All space and bandwidth is now shared between all of your plans.
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Wow, you use a lot of bandwidth. Out of curiosity, what website do you run?

I just wanted to let everyone know that after reading this thread (which would have been the solution to my bandwidth problems) I emailed support and they replied that this was untrue. Bandwidth is shared across domains on one account, but no across mutiple accounts.

yeah I was wondering about that
maybe they updated the control panel

thanks for the replies ^.^

I’m hosting 7 of the imageboards over at :smiley:
Plus a load of videos my world of warcraft guild has made.

iichan =0
my favoite one is one of the ‘omg’ ones, a slightly ofensive one, but funny none the less

and for hosting that many img boards you’er not using that much bandy, strange that its so low for how much goes through iichan
either way

So it can be combined over several plans on the same webid just not over multiple webid’s right?