Bandwidth monitor


I know that I do get a tons of bandwidth with my dreamhost account, but I have a fear of going over during a day. Since the current statistics used by dreamhost is only updated once a day, is there a program or something that I can install that will let me monitor the bandwidth throughout the day?

I know that there are such things as awstats, but, embarrassingly, I do not have the knowledge or experience to install it following the instructions on the dreamhost wiki. So, is there something like awstats that is easier to install?



yeah pls… I’d like to know that too
it’s been 2 days, and I test my downloading from my server but the bandwith is still at ZERO


It might be that you have not downloaded enough to show a percentage of the bandwidth figures which are measured in GB and run at least a day behind. Try and download/upload some big files.

I do not think you have a need to worry scootanddestroy about going over your limit unless you have some very very popular sites or a fat pipe. Maybe you could use the bandwidth throttling feature. It is still a day behind but at least it is automatic.

I wonder if any users run close to their monthly limit?