Bandwidth Limit - How is it dealt with?

Anyone have any idea on what happens to a dreamhost site if you go over your bandwidth limit for the month? I’ve been on sites on the web where there’s a default page from the host that says “this user has gone over the bandwidth limit for this page - if you’re the owner of this site…” blah blah and gives them option to go somewhere assumedly to pay extra for more bandwidth transfer. Does Dreamhost do something similar and give you an option? I hope so - as opposed to automatically just charging the fee for extra gig of transfer.

Just curious - my site is ok this cycle but at the rate it’s going it may go over next cycle.

From the Dreamhost KBase:

[color=#CC0000]Overage is calculated and charged per month.

DreamHost will not automatically shut down sites that exceed their limit. In the unlikely case that your site exceeds its allocation, you will be notified and offered the opportunity to pay for more bandwidth. You will always be contacted before any action is taken.

Of course if you are consistently using more bandwidth than is allowed by your plan, consider upgrading![/color]

Hope that helps