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Hello all,

I have found lately that the bandwidth limiter function have been removed from dreamhost, as a result that people don’t use it, but the fact that on my business i use it everyday and its a very big part of my offers. So is there a way to make this function come back? maybe having a list of people which want it back? "old school style :stuck_out_tongue: "

because i just don’t understand why dream host removed it.


Thnx for your time!


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It’s already up for a vote in the suggestion section (search for “bandwidth”)

Out of curiosity, are you actually nearing your limit?



I gave it a vote. :wink:

I’m not sure if he’s near his total account limit or not, but I’d guess he just wants to limit domains for friends, clients, etc…

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I’ve yet to hear someone say “Gee, I ran out of bandwidth this month.” Without hearing about them maxing out their CPU time.



I was thinking more along the lines of hosting a domain for friend/client/etc… and setting their limit to a lower number like a few GB.

It’s probably a better idea than just letting everyone on the account feed off of the bottomless pit of BW.

Not to mention, if you’re reselling your space and tell someone they get something like 1 GB of storage & 5 GB of bandwidth, it might not take them long to figure out they can really use 50 instead of 5. :wink:

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First thanks for the reply, and i’ll check the suggestions page, i actually didn’t know such thing existed but cool :smiley:

and yes i do limit my bandwidth because i offer free web hosting to people which basically can’t offered web hosting, so i have to limit their bandwidth so i don’t end up having huge bandwidths coming from 1 person and the other can’t find any for his poor site. Even now thnx to dream host we got unlimited bandwidth and diskspace but still :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:


EDIT - I didn’t know all those people replied lol, Thanks all for the reply :slight_smile:

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Hi, don’t forget that under the Unlimited Policy, we’re not allowed to “[resell] (or [give] away) access to [our] account to others.”

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Thankfully i don’t charge my customers anything for my services and rather im not going to give out my Dream host account EVER :smiley: i just make them a sub directory and thats it, no charge all free, and no privilege given even to the Panel of Dream host.

Thats alright right?

THanks ! :slight_smile:


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Ok, onward to the new thread… (it’s evolved beyond the bandwidth limiting feature)



Unfortunately for me, I signed up long before they offered “Unlimited” hosting; so I actually need bandwidth throttling for my subdomains.