Bandwidth for Video hosting?

I’m looking for a host for a bunch of movie trailers I want to post online for a film I’m working on. They’re in the Quicktime format (progressive download, not true streaming) and they range from 12 megs for a low bandwidth version (56k modem) to 45 megs for the big screen stereo experience.
It seems that most of these plans that include 25-30 gigs of monthly bandwidth will be fine, but I’m wondering how the speed of data transfer is from Dreamhost servers–ie, when someone is downloading one of my trailers from a DSL connection, I don’t want them to have to wait unusually long times to get the trailer. I want the speed to be comparable to the time needed to dload a trailer from say, Apple’s web site (which features tons of trailers).

Can anyone tell me what the speed of data transfer is like with DreamHost, especially if 2-3 people are on my site at the same time, downloading a trailer?? Many thanks!

This is really hard to say, since it depends on a number of factors, including the bandwidth available to the person downloading the movie. I’d say that in most cases, this will be the limitation (ie download should be pretty much as fast as the person downloading it can handle, regardless of the number of people downloading the file at any given time).

I’m not on the back end of things, but from anecdotal experience I’m willing to bet you won’t have a problem. I routinely see transfer rates well over 200K/second (over 400K/s at this very moment, near 1pm PST) on large downloads from my sites, even at peak times when dozens or hundreds of users are on my sites, let alone everything else hosted on the same machine. I have never, in the past four years, personally heard anybody complain about slow performance from my site.

Bottlenecks on the users’ end, of course, are another matter, but that’s not anything Dreamhost can fix.

I’ll second the notions above, this should not be a concern with Dreamhost, I’ve actually done some testing on this with video, progressive download and streaming and there’s no issue with speed or number of connections.


I also agree that bandwidth will most likely not be a problem. My cable modem has been capped at 1.5Mb down for the last year or so, but before that I could get 200-300kByte/sec down from dreamhost. Most DSL users are on 768kb or 1.5Mb, so they will only see 170kByte or so max.