Bandwidth differences

On the “Compare all plans” page, it says Level 1 has 1TB of bandwidth. In my panel, it says I only have 1000GB of bandwidth.
What’s up with that?

That’s almost the same. A Terabyte is a thousand Gigs, and a Gig is a thousand Megs. Splitting hairs, since one K is 1024 bytes, the conversions end up slightly off.


A gig is 1024MB, a TB is 1024GB.
I don’t think 24GB is a “hair”, that’s $24 in exceeded bandwidth fees…

Is your concern the 24 GB difference? If so, then by the time you get to the end of a month, you’ll have an additional 32 Gigs (8 Gigs per week growth), saving you that $24 you may have incurred otherwise.


I thought I rembered reading an official defination of what DH considers a GB, TB to be, but I can’t find it. The best way to get your question answered for sure would be to contract support directly.

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The word is ambiguous.

Technically speaking, the word ‘terabyte’ refers to exactly one trillion bytes because the prefix ‘tera’ means trillion, therefor it would be exactly 1000 gigabytes. This is the more popular use of the the word simply because it’s easier.

Tebibyte, on the other hand, is the less ambiguous way of saying exactly 1024 gigabytes (or gibibytes). :slight_smile: