Hi. I need to map one of my Dreamhost domains to Bandcamp (, which will allow my account at Bandcamp to redirect to the domain registered here at Dreamhost.

To do this, I’m told I I need to modify DNS to update my A and CNAME records.

My registrar (not Dreamhost) says I need to do this through Dreamhost. But Bandcamp indicates that I need to do this my modifying my records at my registrar.

To be honest, I’m totally confused.

Anyone have any ideas how I should proceed?

I’m trying to follow the direction at at section 4.

Thanks for all help!


“one of my Dreamhost domains” domains indicates that you have already mapped namedservers at your registrar to Dreamhost. If that’s the case then yes you would want to follow the bandcamp’s step 4 at dreamhost and not your registrar.


Hey LakeRat. Thanks for your reply.

Since posting my question, I’ve more or less gotten it working, by setting it up here at Dreamhost.

The terminology was a bit tricky, but I think I’ve got it sorted out.

Thanks much!


OK. I"ve got this working but there’s something strange.

The way it work is, when someone goes to my bandcamp site at, it gets directed to because of the CNAME record that I created through the DH CP.

Except that it is working differently on the two computers I’m testing it on.

On one of the computers, when I type EITHER OR, in both cases, the browser is adding a http://www in front of the url, which takes me to, which had been bringing up the DH quickstart.html page. This is in Firefox and IE. BUT, on another computer, on the same (home) network, the redirect works correctly and displays the redirected page from Bandcamp, as does typing directly in the address bar.

While testing this, I renamed the quickstart.html, so that the server wouldn’t find it, and I got a Site Temporarily Unavailable page, with error id: “bad_httpd_conf”. But after I changed the name back to quickstart.html, I continued getting that error, and was unable to get the quickstart page.

It seems strange that it should work on one computer but not another.

I know that there are options in the Dreamhost domain config for how to handle URLs do or do not have www as part of the URL, and I’ve tried different settings there. It is currently set to ‘Leave it alone’ and to accept both varients. But wouldn’t those settings apply to all incoming requests, and thus act the same for all computers?

It’s as if something is forcing the browser add the http://www to the address. But what? On the computer on which the redirect DOES work, eveb after getting to the redirected site, there is no http://www in the url, just

Is there a clue in all this as to what might be happening?

Thank you!


Most likely the computer that is having the problem still has the old DNS entry cached.

DNS changes are not instant at any level. First the change has to propagate from the dreamhost nameserver to whatever nameserver your local connection is using. Even then that is not the end all because your local computer also caches DNS so that lookups don’t have to occur with every click.


Hi LakeRat. Thanks again for that suggestion.

I ran ipconfig /flushdns as per the link at the DH wiki.

But for some reason, even after doing that several times over the last few days, Firefox (the latest version) is still not able to load that page. Firefox is the only browser I’ve tried it with that has this problem, but even then, it only happens on one of several computers I’ve tried it on; on other computers, Firefox works fine.

When I enter, the browser (or is it Windows?) always adds http://www to the URL – thus making it – and that URL triggers the following error.

Site Temporarily Unavailable page, with error id: “bad_httpd_conf”.

When I put that full URL (including http://www) into browsers that otherwise have no problem, they also give that error. When I remove the http://www, they work as expected.

Unfortunately, on my laptop’s Firefox install, that part of the URL being is automatically and immediately pre-pended to the URL, so there appears no way around that error.

Awfully strange.

hmmm… is a URL in the form even legal?