I have to admit: I’m really puzzled by how e-mail addresses work now.

Last night, I set up a new address and it automatically set up a corresponding mailbox into which (it says) it will put the mail to that address. Let’s say the username is FRED and the mailbox is m1234567.

When I then go to Squirrel Mail and log into, I go to a mailbox full of the right messages. When I go to Squirrel Mail and log into m1234567, I wind up in a mailbox for a different address at my domain.

Shouldn’t mail sent to wind up in m1234567?

Am I misunderstanding something?

Here’s my WAG on what’s happening to you. Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me will let you know if I’m right or not…

When you log into Squirrelmail, you’re entering an email address. So if you log in as, you’ll get the new mailbox you set up. But if you enter m1234567, you’re actually logging in as I would suspect you have a “catch-all” email address enabled, and that logging into m1234567 is directing you to the catch-all mailbox… Just my theory…