Bad response times from Germany


Hi there,

I really like what Dreamhost has offered with their Happy Dreamhost-package. But I have problems with the response times from Germany. I know the ping is not necessarily important for a website. But if you wait nearly half a second for every page-element to response, it slows down your page immensely. I don’t have any websites online which make money because of this issue. But I’d like to, because it’s hard to find a provider offering these services.

This problem is exists since I have this package. Is there any “trick” to speed up the access from Germany - since it’s nearly the only country Dreamhost has problems with?

Here is a tracroute from Germany:
Here is a traceroute from the US:
And here is a Ping from Germany:


Hmm, interesting. I’ve noticed long connection times from Germany recently, but just assumed that it was due to Pingdom’s servers as the rest of the world, at least the small portion covered by Pingdom, seemed fine. This seems to confirm that the problem is a wider problem.

Anyone else notice this?


Cogent is a backbone provider and apparently known for latency issues. My route takes a different backbone starting from Dallas and there’s no “cloud” hopping.


one ‘trick’ might be to serve your static content from a CDN (which might improve overall page load times because your content won’t all be served from the US). There are some cheap CDN providers, so it could be cost effective, but it might be overkill depending on how big your site is.