Bad or Missing Recipient (Formmail)

I have created a formmail using a forwarding email I created at Dreamhost. When I try to test the form out, I get this error:

Error: Bad or Missing Recipient

Please make sure you have filled in the required recipient form field, and that the e-mail address used is hosted with DreamHost.

As a spam-prevention matter, we can now only allow our formmail to forward to email addresses hosted with us. If you’d like the recipient to be an email not hosted with us, please just create an address to forward there!

The recipient was: [ ]

The email I created is a forwarding one only. Do I need to set it up as a full webmail account for this to work? The domain I have hosted is DNS only (my site is located on blogger) - does that make a difference?

I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong. The code I’m using is direct from my Dreamhost hosted work website where the same form works just fine (although with Gmail hosted Dreamhost emails that forward) so I know it’s not the code.