Surprise, it’s the bad_httpd_conf error!

So, the error message I’m getting:

[quote]Site Temporarily Unavailable

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
error id: “bad_httpd_conf”[/quote]

I’m trying to get (a Network Solutions-hosted domain) to use the display what appears on (a Dreamhost-hosted domain). We set the A Record of to the “non-editable DNS record” for, and this error is the result. I’m a little lost as to where to go from here, I’ve submitted two tickets to Dreamhost (it’s been nine hours; I’ve heard some sources say it takes 2 hours for the DNS to refresh, other sites say up to 48 hours), and I’ve tried the “edit, save” trick on the subdomain itself, to no avail.

Any thoughts?

You haven’t yet added the domain “” to your account, so our servers have no idea what it’s supposed to be. The IP address you’ve pointed it to is shared by a bunch of other sites, so that doesn’t really help them any, and they aren’t allowed to make wild guesses like “maybe it should be the same content as the site with a similar domain name”.

Add the domain to your account from the Manage Domain page and configure it to mirror your existing domain. That should straighten things out.

That makes perfect sense. Got the domain added, I would assume the nameservers need to be set to ns1, ns2, ns3. Beyond that, would there be anything else needed to mirror the site?

Whoa, nevermind, there it is! Thanks a ton!

Getting the nameservers switched over would be a good idea, yes. It’s not essential, but if the nameservers are left pointed elsewhere, we can’t update the IP address on the domain if it changes (e.g, if you are moved to another server).