Is it possible for me to fix that? I sent my problem into support 16 hours ago and they haven’t done anything yet, so I decided to come here and see if there is something I can do myself.

edit: forgot to mention, that domain is set up to mirror


Yes You most likely can fix this your self. and you could have done so 16 hours ago by searching this forum or the wiki.

Log into the panel > Domains > Manage domains > edit > Save changes. Yes, save the changes even though you didn’t make any changes. This will set the httpd conf file to be re-written and most likely fix your site in two hours or less. If not, then you’ll have to wait for support.



Yeah, I’ve tried that. I always check the wiki before contacting support :wink:



Just so you know, while this methodology should work, and has worked before for me, one of my domains went “paws up” last week and repeated attempts to “kick-start” the sucker this way did not work.

After contacting Support, I received the following reply:

"Fixed! Actually, it was nothing you did at all… but it did expose a small bug we need to squash, which I have reported to our developers.


It sounds like they still might be having problem


I had the same httpd_bad_config problem when I signed up some weeks ago and tried everything that was said on the board (first one being the “Domains > Manage domains > edit > Save changes”) and the wiki but it didn’t work at all then the DNS propagated and I had to run to set everything and get my site running. :\

I’ll have to try again another time.

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