Bad_httpd_conf SITE DOWN


Having a major problem with my site, I’m getting a Bad_httpd_conf error and my site has pretty much been down for 2 days. I’ve read the wiki and been in touch with customer support who said they resolved the problem yesterday and it did appear to be resolved but the site went down again after a few hours. Now I gave time for the DNS to propagate, extra time since I’m actually in the UK and now the site works on my computer some of the time but not on my co-worker’s computer and I’ve had some friends check the site in the US and they say it’s ok but I’ve had 75 calls/emails from customers in the UK freaking out because they haven’t been able to access our site for what seems like an eternity to them, so there’s obviously a problem that is affecting customers throughout the UK. I’ve emailed customer service multiple times today to try to escalate this and find out why this keeps happening (they’ve never explained what the problem actually IS), but no one will email me back. The situation has become maddening actually because since I’ve been with Dreamhost (2006) while there have been problems now and again my site has never been down for any considerable amount of time and customer service have always been extremely helpful and timely getting back to me. Not this time, I’m basically emailing them in an absolute panic saying please please help and get no response. I’m very patient but I’ve had it and am considering moving my business to another host here in the UK, but before taking that step I really do want to give Dreamhost time to fix this error since they have been excellent in the past. Can anyone help that has had this problem before or tell me if there is anything else I can do? They had me run a traceroute on my computer which I can post if it helps? The web site is: and it’s definitely not working for me here in the UK (I’ve tried different computers/browsers/ISPs/deleted cache/everything!) this is a Dreamhost problem as far as I can tell.

Any help?


Working for me (I’m in Los Angeles).

Is it always the Bad_httpd_conf that you and the others are getting? How long has the site been hosted here? Has anything changed (new server, etc.)?

EDIT: When I go to your Recents link, the images aren’t showing up, like:


Thanks for your response Scott. Yes, it’s always that error. The only thing we’ve done recently (and I wonder if this is related) is we bought a unique IP and SSL certificate but we really haven’t set anything up yet. I actually just got a helpful reply from customer support (finally!) so hoping my web developer can get to the root of the problem and get this fixed. Support pointed out some code that looks weird and a possible DNS issue so maybe if we fix that we’ll get this fixed soon.

If you bought a unique IP address, then that may have been applied to the existing site, making the old one invalid, hence the Bad_httpd_conf. As DNS catches the new IP address, it should iron itself out.


Thanks for your helpful reply Scott, this makes a lot of sense!

Currently I have the same ‘Bad_httpd_conf’ problem with Site is down since 29th of June.
Can somebody fix it?