Bad httpd conf, freaking out here

Trying to stay calm but I got this error today when I did a redirect from one website I own to another. Long story short, is redirected to And I’m trying to move everything to just the blog, so I wanted to redirect my to

So it should’ve gone --> --> But it didn’t. The result ended up being electricfishwrap.comblog, which obviously doesn’t work.

Then I removed the redirect, which gave me the bad httpd conf error. So I read the wiki, which states this:

I did this about 30 minutes ago and so far my site is not back up. I am trying not to freak out here, but I’ve done this blog for about two years and I’ve not done a backup… Stupid I know.

I’d try some of the other methods in that FAQ but I’m afraid of screwing something up. I know enough to be dangerous basically.

Thank you to all who respond.

It never hurts to submit a ticket to support, even while trying the wiki fixes, just in case they don’t work. If nothing there works, it’s something that has to be fixed by them anyway.

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