Bad_httpd_conf error

We’re getting a “Site Temporarily Unavailable” on one of our Dreamhost fully hosted sites.

I’ve looked at the wiki page on this error ( and followed the instructions, to no success. IP through DH’s servers match, and I’ve gone into edit domain settings and saved twice, with no success.

I’ve now submitted two support tickets and have yet to get a callback or an email. And shareholders are upset.

The admin panel has a big message regarding a hardware change, that seems to imply it should have been updated 13+ hours ago, but doesn’t specifically mention this error. Is this error likely caused by the hardware change? Is there anything else I should be trying to solve this issue?

I really don’t want to rebuild the site - it hasn’t been up long, there’s not much there, but I wasn’t the one who built it.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Did you get a reply yet? If not, what’s your domain/ticket number so we can take a look?