Bad_httpd_conf and error 403


Hello! My sites was down for about 2 hours, then there appeared a 403 error page and now it is showing the error id: "bad_httpd_conf"
I make “account test” on panel.dreamhost
me send error
shell service for user intimlife on ness error Your home directory does not exist on your web server.

my site
Please fix my account


I am getting the same thing. I just became a customer this morning. Not a good first impression…


respect bro. And also my site is very very slow :frowning: it is very bad


Are both of you new customers? While this kind of thing shouldn’t happen, sometimes things don’t work completley right. What this error means, basically, is that Apache isn’t fully configured the way it should be. You can find more information about the error here.

The best thing to do is to submit a support ticket through the web control panel. Simply complaining about it on these forums probably won’t help, as these forums are customer to customer.

The site you mentioned in your post works for me. Maybe support fixed it, or the system caught up with itself.