Bad_httpd_conf a really strange problem

I got a strange problem with my new site…

I made an account with dreamhost on monday and I registered also a domain…

I’ve already installed wordpress and it works fine…I live in Piacenza (Italy) and I can see the site…and also two my friends in Milan can see it…a friend in Texas can see it…another friend in Florence can see it…but my brother who work in Milan can’t see it and appears this:

Site temporary unavailable

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

What kind of problem is? I read in the wiki but I don’t understand…and I think is strange that someone can see it and someone got an error…

Anyone can help me?

Thanks very much

It sounds to me like the DNS for the domain has not finished propagating around the Internet yet. It is also possible that your brother is seeing a cached copy of your site, either cached on his system or perhaps cached by his ISP.

Tell your brother to clear his browser cache and try again.


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thanks Mark…problem solved…it was a server problem in the office of my brother…they restarted all the servers and now it works

Do you know if the dreamhost wiki is down? Cause with wordpress I can’t see the stats and I know I have to do something with “htaccess” (I don’t know where is it)…

I think it is explained here:

But it doesn’t work…it show me this:

A database error has occurred
Query: DELETE FROM wiki_objectcache WHERE exptime<'2007-01-10 12:47:55’
Function: MediaWikiBagOStuff:_doquery
Error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (

Excellent, I thought it would turn out to be something simple like that.

Yes, that is the wiki article you need. From memory, the fix involves modifying the rewrite rules in .htaccess.

Yeah, the wiki is down for me too, even trying to access the front page of the wiki results in database errors. I am guessing it won’t be down for too long, keep trying. :wink:


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thank you so much again Mark

the wiki still not working…but I found the code in an italian forum…now the problem is:

Where is this file .htaccess? cause I can’t see it in the wordpress folder…maybe I have to create it? and if I have to create it…I have to make a simple text file withe code? or what?

Thank you, and sorry for my bad english…

The leading dot (.) will cause the file not to be displayed unless you ask for hidden files. Unhiding it is a bit client specific but if you’re logged in with ssh you can use “ls -a” to display the hidden files (-a = all files)


There should already be a .htaccess file in your Wordpress directory. However, since it is a ‘hidden’ file, you will not be able to see it in your FTP client, unless you configure the client to view such hidden files. If you are unsure how to configure your FTP client to view such files, you could always use the web based FTP client provided by DreamHost. This client is configured by default to show hidden files.

One more thing; If you are using Windows you will find that it is difficult to work with .htaccess files, because Windows ‘sees’ the file as having an extension, but no name. You may need to rename the file to something like ‘htaccess.txt’ while in Windows and rename it back to ‘.htaccess’ after uploading it to your server.

Your English is fine, much better than my Italian. :wink:


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thanks again!! I’m reading an old discussion about this problem…and it seems that ws ftp (the client I use) got some problems to see the hidden files…I tried to set it with “-a” or “-al” and I can see some hidden files (like .alias .cshrc) but in the wordpress directory there isn’t any .htaccess…

Now I’m going to try with the dreamhost ftp…and I hope to see it

Thank you very much for the help really appreciated!

Ok…I’ve just tried…the dreamhost ftp client is great!

But the file doesn’t exist…

So now How Can I create it?

If the file doesn’t exist, then you should have no problems accessing your stats directory, as it is the rewrite rules within the standard WordPress created .htaccess file that creates the problem.

The .htaccess file (if it exists) should be in the root of the web directory for your domain, by default this directory will have the same name as your domain.

If the .htaccess file really does not exist, then you should not need to create one, as you should already be able to browse to the stats directory.


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